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Schedule for our Novice Show and Fun Dog Show - Sunday, 23 June 2019

SUNDAY, 23 JUNE 2019

Novice Pony/Horse and Fun Dog Show

at Nutwell Court, Lympstone, Nr EX8 5AJ

Signposted from the A376 Exeter/Exmouth Road

(By kind permission of Mr and Mrs N Lee)

Main Show Sponsor:

St David’s Equine Veterinary Practice

Sponsored by:

Graham Sykes Insurance

Kenniford Farm & Kitchen

Prizes and vouchers kindly donated by



  • The COMBINATION must not have been placed 1st in any of the Classes entered (other than at Exe Equestrian Club Shows, this concession is for 3 consecutive years only)

  • A trophy will be presented at the AGM to the Exe Equestrian Club member gaining the highest number of points on the Show Day on one pony/horse.

  • Hors Concurs (HC) welcome in all classes.

  • Rosettes to 6th place.

  • Lucky Dip Prizes for all riders 12 years or under placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Rings 1, 4 and 5.


09:30 Clear Round Show Jumping

10:00 Main Showing / Show Jumping Classes

11:00 Dog Show

13:30 Fancy Dress Competition

14:30 Thelwell Classes




Rings 1, 3 & 4 - £5 per class for the first 3 classes, thereafter £4 per class

Non-Members CASH ONLY

Rings 1, 3 & 4 - £6 per class for the first 3 classes, thereafter £5 per class

Pay ringside for:

Ring 2 - £3.00 per entry (Clear Round)

Ring 2 - £1.00 per entry (Fancy Dress)

Ring 5 – £1.50 (Thelwell)

Dog Show - Ring 5 - £1.00 per class




Novice Restrictions – As stated above.

All double clear rounds receive a rosette.

PLEASE NOTE: All Classes, if the first round is clear, the second round will follow immediately.

  1. Restricted Novice 1’0” Over short course. Riders aged 16 years and under only, may be led. 2ndround not against the clock. (Adults may only compete in this class HC).

  2. Restricted Novice 1’0”– Riders aged 16 years or under, may be accompanied in the ring for confidence only (not to give assistance) May not be led. 2ndround against the clock.

  3. Restricted Novice 1’6”– May not be led. 2nd round against the clock.

  4. Restricted Novice 1’9”– May not be led. 2nd round against the clock.

  5. Restricted Novice 2’0”– May not be led – 2nd round against the clock.

  6. Restricted Novice 2’3”– May not be led – 2nd round against the clock.




Non-competitive. Choose the height of your jumps. Rosettes for all clear rounds.


Lucky dip prize for winner 12 years or under



  • Classes may be split or amalgamated at Judge’s discretion.

  • Classes 22, 23 and 24 will be required to give a short individual show. This should consist of walk, trot and canter on both reins and ideally should last no longer than 2-3 minutes.


Pony 14h or under. Competitors 12 years or under.

May be led.

7. Best Turned-out Pony and Rider– Special Rosette for Best Plaited Tail

8. Best Leading Rein – Ridden

9. Best Combination –Ridden

10. Best Show Pony –Ridden

11. Best Young Rider –Under 10 years

12. Best Young Rider –10-12 years

13. Best First Pony –Ridden

14. Best Young Handler –Under 10 years, in-hand

15. Best Young Handler –10-12 years, in-hand

16. Best Condition – In-hand

17. Best (any) coloured –In-hand or Ridden

18. Best (any) Mountain & Moorland Type –In-hand or Ridden

19. Best Veteran Pony minimum age 16 yrs–Ridden

20. Best (any) Breed not specified in other classes –Ridden


Pony/Horse any height, competitor any age.

May not be led.

21. Best Turned Out Horse and Rider – Special Rosette for Best Plaited Tail

22. Best Combination –Ridden

23. Best Young Rider –16 years or under

24. Best Rider – any age.

25. Best Young Handler 16 years and under –In-hand

26. Best (any) coloured – In-hand or Ridden

27. Best (any) Mountain and Moorland Type –In-hand or Ridden

28. Best Condition Horse – In-hand

29. Best Conformation – In-hand

30. Best Cob Type – In-hand

31. Best Hunter Type

32. Best Family Pony/Horse – 2 Riders minimum. Age difference minimum 4 yrs.

33. Best (any) Breed not specified in other classes – Ridden




1. Prettiest Bitch

2. Handsomest Dog

3. Waggiest Tail

4. Fastest Bonio Eater

5. Best Rescued Dog

6. Agility Class

7. Dog Who looks most like their owner

8. Best Veteran over 7 years

9. Best puppy under 12 months

10. Junior Handler – under 14 years

11. Most Appealing Eyes

12. Best Small Dog 18” and under

13. Best Big Dog over 18”

14. Best Pair of Dogs

15. Best Trick

16. Scruffiest Dog

17. Consolation – Not to have won a prize

18. BEST IN SHOW – all 1st placed winners.



  1. Hairiest Pony

  2. Prettiest Mare

  3. Most Handsome Gelding

  4. Pony with the best tail

  5. Pony with the most appealing eyes

  6. Pony with the shortest legs

  7. Pony with the biggest ears

  8. Best Pony trick

  9. Pony the judge would most like to take home


Club Mobile: 07971 260 269

Follow us on Facebook: Exe Equestrian Club Follow us on Twitter: @clubexe

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